Final Project Results


The FP7 project DropTech® started in February 2014 with the objective to develop automated handling processes for pluripotent stem cells, like human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC), with integrated readout methods for the use of these cells in high-throughput and high-content assays.


After 3 years of collaborative work, DropTech® has successfully accomplished its projects goals in the end of January 2017. The developed fully automated DropTech® screening platform comprises:

  • Automated handling processes for pluripotent cells (e.g. hiPSC)
  • Integrated readout methods for the use of pluripotent cells in high-throughput and high-content assays
  • Integrated cell- and application-specific sophisticated monitoring solutions to gain operatorless information about the developmental potential of the used cell model
  • Automated workflow of the EST including hiPSC expansion, embryoid body formation in hanging drops and transfer to 2D conditions using robotics and microfluidics systems


The advantages of the DropTech® platform are that it enables screening and testing that:

  • is reproducible, standardised, fast and efficient
  • uses cell models with highest biological relevance (hiPSC) in their native conformation
  • enables screening/testing in a small- and medium-scaled budget range affordable for SMEs and academia
  • contributes to the 3Rs with regard to animal testing


The DropTech® platform will therefore contribute to the development of new medication and therapies, enable efficient and reliable safety assessment of potentially toxic compounds, and support personalised medicine approaches as well as - in future - regenerative medicine.