2016-08-24: DropTech® at the EUSAAT 2016 3R Congress (Linz/Austria)

DropTech® participated in the 17th EUSAAT 2016 3R congress (European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing) in August 2016 in Linz/Austria. The congress is the major scientific event in the field of alternative testing in Europe. In 2016, the EUSAAT 2016 3Rs Congress Linz was the largest international 3Rs congress (focusing on the reduction, refinement, replacement of animal tests) as the international partner societies from Japan (JSAAE) and the USA (ASCCT) also actively participated in the congress. The event therefore provided many opportunities for interactions with all stakeholders which are relevant for DropTech® such as scientists from academia and industries, representatives from regulatory authorities, biotech companies specialised in in vitro test systems targeting 3Rs etc.

DropTech® was presented in three different ways: A talk given by Dr. Ole Pless from Fraunhofer IME-ScreeningPort who also co-chaired the session on “Stem Cells & Reproductive Toxicity” and a poster presented by Dr. Ina Meiser from Fraunhofer IBMT.