2016-09-12: German Stem Cell Network Annual Conference 2016 & TnT Forum (Hannover, Germany)

The 4th Annual Conference 2016 of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) took place on 12-14 September 2016 in Hanover, Germany. Incorporated into the event was a Techniques and Technologies Forum (TnT-Forum) on 12 September 2016, a new format that the GSCN established in 2016 to foster the collaboration of GSCN member institutes and companies and to support the development of application-oriented technologies.

Dr. Ole Pless from Fraunhofer IME-ScreeningPort was invited to present the novel DropTech® technology to the different GSCN companies. The networking forum was a unique opportunity for DropTech® to engage with representatives of the pharma and biotech industries so as to introduce the novel DropTech® technology.