2016-11-22: DropTech® Stakeholder Workshop at (Hamburg/Germany)

The DropTech® Stakeholder Workshop took place on 22-24 November 2016 at Fraunhofer IME-SreeningPort and was integrated into an existing Frauhofer IME-ScreeningPort training programme on “Cell-based assays for screening”.

The 3-days workshop led by Dr. Sheraz Gul from Fraunhofer IME-SreeningPort was designed for scientists at all levels who are working in the field of early stage drug discovery and are interested in the development, validation and utilisation of cell-based assays for screening against small molecule libraries. An additional value of the workshop was therefore the integration of the new technologies developed in DropTech® which were introduced to the participants of the workshop. 

Participants had not only the opportunity to learn more about the DropTech® technology but to directly work with platform elements during the 3-days training.